Univ.-Prof. Dr. Joachim Groß
Institute for Biomagnetism and Biosignal Analysis

Funded projects

  • Min3/003/21 - Characterization of a newly identified, disease specific immune cell population: `stroke-associated myeloid cells` (SAMC)
    Principal investigator: Jens Minnerup
    Funding period: 01/2021 - 10/2023
  • Ga3/016/21 - Lipid-dependence of curvature-induced signaling in developing neurons
    Principal investigator: Milos Galic
    Funding period: 01/2021 - 10/2023
  • KuT3/007/20 - Functional consequences of aging for oligodendrocytes: Identification of molecular pathways as target for remyelination promoting therapies in multiple sclerosis
    Principal investigator: Tanja Kuhlmann
    Funding period: 01/2020 - 10/2022
  • La3/013/20 - Neuronal network analysis of BDNF mediated prevention of long-lasting stress effects
    Principal investigator: Maren Denise Lange
    Funding period: 01/2020 - 10/2022
  • Ha3/017/20 - Role of ASCL1 in the biology of atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumors (ATRT)
    Principal investigator: Martin Hasselblatt
    Funding period: 01/2020 - 10/2022
  • MzH3/020/20 - NeuroML - Machine Learning Infrastructure for cerebrospinal fluid-based neurological discovery
    Principal investigator: Gerd Meyer zu Hörste, Tim Hahn
    Funding period: 01/2020 - 10/2022
  • Kli3/025/20 - Microstructured and functionalized chips for rapid neuronal differentiation and presynapse formation of human neural precursor cells
    Principal investigator: Jürgen Klingauf
    Funding period: 01/2020 - 10/2022
  • Pog3/027/20 - Using optogenetic probing and fMRI techniques in mice to investigate neuronal pathways relevant for incisional and neuropathic pain-related outcomes
    Principal investigator: Esther M. Pogatzki-Zahn
    Funding period: 01/2020 - 10/2022
  • Gro3/001/19 - An integrated approach for studying dynamic body-brain interactions: The case of respiration
    Principal investigator: Joachim Groß
    Funding period: 01/2019 - 10/2021
  • Mi3/004/19 - Defects of synaptic function caused by ASD and PHLS-associated missense mutations in the neurexin-1 gene
    Principal investigator: Markus Missler
    Funding period: 01/2019 - 10/2021
  • Kl3/010/19 - Antigen-specific CD8 T-cell responses in Neuromyelitis Optica and Susac syndrome
    Principal investigators: Luisa Klotz, Catharina Groß
    Funding period: 01/2019 - 10/2021