25 years IZKF Münster

Twenty-five years after the inauguration of the IZKF Münster in the auditorium of the castle of the University of Münster, the board of directors planned a celebratory symposium with lectures by former researchers from Germany and abroad and a high-ranking panel discussion on the topic "Challenges of clinical research in Germany". Dr. Christina Berndt, science editor at the Süddeutsche Zeitung moderated the panel discussion. The deputy medical director of the UKM and director of the clinic for pediatric oncology Professor Claudia Rössig, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the IZKF and Director of the Rheumatism Research Center Berlin Professor Andreas Radbruch, the President of the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel Professor Simone Fulda, the Dean of the Medical Faculty in Münster Professor Frank U. Müller, Vice President of the German Research Foundation and Clinic Director at the Berlin Charité Professor Britta Siegmund and the founding chairman of the IZKF Münster Professor emeritus Clemens Sorg were members of the panel.

 The focus of the discussion was the current situation of young scientists at the interface between research and medical science. It was agreed upon on that sustainable, quality-assured programs and procedures are an important prerequisite for the successful promotion of young clinicians. Overall, it was emphasised that over the past 25 years the IZKF has established very good funding conditions for both clinical junior staff (Clinician Scientists) and scientific junior staff (Medical Scientists) at the Münster location. In order to develop a lasting effect, the enthusiasm for this profession must be carried on and, in particular, the dual function as a doctor and researcher must experience significantly greater recognition and appreciation. It is clear that social change contributes to the search for new management structures for the future. This change management - so the conclusion of the panel - is absolutely necessary, but represents a special challenge with regard to the interests of the acting and involved groups.

Former IZKF scientists gave scientific talks, impressively demonstarting the output of the IZKF-funded research projects at the time. Today they hold management positions at universities in Germany and abroad. The thematic diversity - which has enriched the interdisciplinarity of the IZKF from the very beginning - was expressed not only through the selected lectures, but also in the special issue of Biological Chemistry published especially for the anniversary.

The end of the program was traditionally followed by a think-out-of-the-box lecture, this time on the subject of "Sustainable tires made from dandelion" by Prof. Dr. Dirk Prüfer (Institute for Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Münster). The research project presented was carried out by in cooperation with the Fraunhofer scientist Dr. Christian Schulze Gronover and Dr. Carla Recker from Continental AG and nominated for the German Future Prize in 2021. A special success story for this anniversary symposium.

The pianist Risa Adachi and the cellist Karl Figueroa from the Münster University of Music provided the musical framework.