The Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research (IZKF)  Münster is a scientific alliance within the Faculty of Medicine of the Universität Münster. The comprehensive goals of the IZKF include:

  • Establishing efficient and powerful structures for interdisciplinary clinical research
  • Developing a University-specific research profile
  • Targeted promotion of young scientists
  • Performance-oriented allocation of research grants

The IZKF Münster

  • Conducts research in the four scientific foci "Vascular Diseases", "Inflammation and Infection", "Nervous System Diseases" and "Cell Differentiation, Regeneration and Neoplasia".
  • Funds interdisciplinary research projects within the Faculty of Medicine, placing special emphasis on funding young talented clinician scientists.
  • Disseminates knowledge by organising scientific retreats, workshops as well as national and international symposia.
  • Provides expert advice and information in all patent right matters relevant to biomedical sciences in close collaboration with the patenting and licencing office Clinic Invent.