Method development projects (Z-projects)

Funding for technological and methodological innovations

This funding module enables scientists to explore new approaches or develop new technologies, methods and devices that could be offered to all scientists in the faculty to strengthen innovation and quality of their research. The so called Z-projects is a funding module that allows for these innovations to be implemented in a shorter time frame with a separate budget. There are no regular calls for this module.

Purpose Establishing new and innovative research methods and tools for faculty-wide use or to be integrated in future Core Units of the IZKF Technology Platform
Funding volume Funding volume per project according to the needs of the work programme; maximum EUR 110.000 per year for 2 years; flexible use of funds for personnel and consumables, as justified.
Application prerequistes All full-time scientists working at the Medical Faculty, beginning at the PhD level are eligible to apply; published preliminary work and third-party funding are prerequisites; only one project outline/application round/researcher may be submitted. Method Development projects are not renewable as a rule.
Review & selection Two-step peer review process. Applications are evaluated along with the call for regular project proposals. Assessment criteria: previous research experience and motivation of applicants; quality of scientific work programme; technological benefit for the faculty.