Funding at a glance

The basic funding profile of the IZKF Münster and its three main tasks are defined in its statutes:

(a) Promotion of cutting-edge research through appropriate formats.
(b) Promotion of young scientists, with focus on the future generation of clinician scientists.
(c) Acquisition and implementation of cutting-edge technologies in Core Units as well as development of new methodologies in Z-projects. 

The overarching strategy of the IZKF Münster places a strong emphasis on the individual promotion of young researchers from the very beginning. On the one hand, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers are given the opportunity to develop excellent preliminary work for their own careers within the well-equipped research projects.

In the Clinician Scientist funding format SEED.projects, research-enthusiastic doctors in specialist training gain comprehensive scientific expertise in addition to clinical experience in patient care through independent project funding in clinical and experimental medical research.

Method development or so-called Z-projects are a special funding format. These are technical projects that focus on the validation and development of special technologies rather than mechanistic problems. They are evaluated independently during the annual review process. In most cases, they are supported for a period of two years.

Core Units are extensive concepts for high-throuput methods for which there should be a demand in the IZKF- and other research groups of the Medical faculty, in order to qualify for funding. There are no annual calls for Core Unit applications.