Overview - Regular project funding

The “backbone” of the IZKF Münster and main funding format since 1996 are the IZKF Research Projects, an equivalent to the “Sachbeihilfe” funding format offered by the DFG. Likewise, research projects are characterised by a high scientific quality and an innovative research topic. They should align with the research priorities of the IZKF Münster.

When evaluating the funding applications, particular consideration is given to the specific previous work (publications) of the applicants and the qualified third-party funding successfully acquired. During the application process, the new projects are assigned to a suitable research focus based on the actual composition of topics. Since many research topics can be assigned to two different focus areas, this promotes networking between the scientists of the respective institutions.

Aim Promotion of innovative research approaches with high scientific quality and originality to strengthen clinical and basic biomedical research at the Medical Faculty Münster. Contribution to the acquisition of third-party funding for the Medical Faculty by transferring the successfully processed research approaches to the DFG's third-party funding programme.
Call for applications The call for applications for this funding format is made annually in the month of February for funding that will begin on 1st January of the following year. Calls for pre-proposals will be announced on the homepages of the IZKF and the Faculty of Medicine. In addition, details of the call will be communicated via E-Mail to all faculty members.
Funding volume Maximum funding volume per project of EUR 110.000 per year for 3 years including personnel (i.e. postdoc, PhD student or technical staff) and consumables, as justified by the work programme.
Application requirements All full-time scientists working at the Medical Faculty are eligible to apply, starting with their doctorate; published preliminary work and third-party funding are prerequisites; only one project outline/application round/researcher may be submitted.
How to apply Pre-proposals should be submitted via the online portal OLA.
Selection The evaluation is carried out in a two-stage process. The project proposals have to be uploaded in the IZKF online portal OLA by the deadline are first assessed internally by the IZKF internal advisory board with respect to scientific quality, thematic relation to the main foci of the IZKF, preliminary work (publications) and acquisition of qualified third-party funds. Applicants for the project proposals that have been positively evaluated by the internal advisory board are invited to submit a full proposal, which are submitted to the external Scientific Advisory Board of the IZKF. The Advisory Board formulates a recommendation or refusal or a ranking with several positive votes. The judgments of the individual advisory board members or additional expert reviewers remain anonymous. The votes of the Scientific Advisory Board are binding.
Perspective The transfer of an IZKF-funded project into another third-party funded project (preferably DFG, NIH or ERC Consolidator Grant) is expected.

Information on the current call for proposals

Deadline for submitting project proposals is 30.04.2024!

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