General funding guidelines

Purpose Promotion of innovative research approaches with high scientific quality and originality to strengthen clinical and basic biomedical research at the Medical Faculty Münster. Contribution to the acquisition of third-party funding for the Medical Faculty by transferring the successfully processed research approaches to the DFG's third-party funding programme.
Extent of funding Funding covers (costs for personnel and consumables) for a maximum amount of 110,000 Euro (Regular projects) per fiscal year. The ClinicStarT projects receive a maximum of 200,000 Euro for a two-year funding period.
Calls Calls for applications for all funding formats are generally made annually in the month of February for funding that will begin on 1st January of the following year. Calls for pre-proposals will be announced on the homepages of the IZKF and the Faculty of Medicine. In addition, details of the call will be communicated via E-Mail to all faculty members.
Equipment Basic equipment required to carry out the project must be provided by the respective clinics and institutes. This includes, among other things, lab space, furniture, office supplies of any kind, literature and basic laboratory equipment. Equipment cannot be funded by the IZKF.
Eligibility All full-time scientists employed at the Medical Faculty, beginning at the PhD level are eligible to apply; published preliminary work and third-party funding are prerequisites; only one project outline/application round/researcher may be submitted.
Selection process Two-step peer review process by the internal and external Scientific Advisory Boards. Call for applications at the beginning of February; if funding is recommended, start of project on January 1st of the following year.
How to apply Pre-proposals should be submitted via the online portal OLA.
Perspective The transfer of an IZKF-funded project into another third-party funded project (preferably DFG, NIH or ERC Consolidator Grant) is expected.
Acknowledgements All publications resulting from the IZKF research projects must acknowledge the "Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF) Münster" in the author affiliations and /or under the Funding acknowledgements, mentioning the IZKF Project Number.