Susanne Meinert, M.Sc.
PhD student
MSc. Psychology, psychological psychotherapist, project management for the FOR2107-cohort study and the ReFeed-project
Translationale Psychiatrie
Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie
Universitätsklinikum Münster
Albert-Schweitzer-Campus 1, Gebäude A9
48149 Münster

+49 (0)251-83-56687

  • CV

    since 05/2021, out-patient treatment at the "Institutsambulanz" of the University Hospital Münster, Section for Transition Psychiatry, chair: Prof. Dr. Dr. Dannlowski
    since 12/2019, associated researcher at the Institute of Translational Neuroscience, project: ReFeed, chair: Prof. Dr. Dr. Nitsch, University of Münster
    since 04/2018, out-patient treatment at the "Psychotherapie-Ambulanz" (PTA) Münster, University of Münster
    since 05/2016, PhD student, Doctor rerum naturalium, University of Münster
    since 12/2015, research associate at the Institute of Translational Psychiatry, project: FOR2107, chair: Prof. Dr. Dr. Dannlowski, University of Münster
    08/2016-04/2021, psychologist in training, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), "Institut für psychologische Psychotherapieausbildung (IPP), University of Münster
    02/2017-01/2018, in-patient treatment at the special unit "psychoses" of the University Hospital, University of Münster
    10/2014-04/2016, Master of Science, Psychology, University of Münster
    02/2013 - 09/2014, research assistant in the Department of Psychology, chair: Prof. Dr. Lappe, University of Münster
    10/2011-09/2014, Bachelor of Science, Psychology, University of Münster
  • Research

    I am currently working in the DFG FOR2107 Project that investigates the neurobiological underpinnings of affective and psychotic disorders. I am interested in risk factors that determine an unfavourable course of illness in Major Depressive Disorder. To this end I am currently using Diffusion Tensor Imaging, resting-state fMRI, neurocognitive evaluations and clinical interviews.