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Women in science

News dated 02.06.2023
Foto: privat

Women in science - under this motto, students of the Master's programme Molecular Biomedicine invited interested female students to a workshop and a subsequent talk show round. From the WiSNetMed research networks, the scientist Noelia Alonso-Gonzales (SFB 1009) and the science manager Sabine Blass-Kampmann (IZKF & SFB 1009) were invited as guests to discuss their job description and experiences. The final meet & greet was used for a lively direct exchange. Repeat desired!

Dr. Brunotte and Dr. Günl publish the results of a DFG-funded study on International Women in Science Day

News vom 27.02.2023
Dr. Linda Brunotte, Initiator of the study. (Photo: UM / M. Heine)

Success for two scientists from the Westphalian Wilhelms University (WWU) in researching new active agents for influenza viruses. The study, initiated by Dr. Linda Brunotte and her team at the Institute of Molecular Virology, ZMBE, focuses on the protein - influenza A virus polymerase (IAV polymerase) - as a starting point for the treatment of influenza. Fittingly for the International Day of Women in Science, the results [ABSTRACT] were published in the scientific journal "Nature Communications". The team was able to detect 59 specific modifications to the polymerase of the influenza A virus. The enzyme is responsible for the production of copies of the virus genome.

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has funded the study by Dr. Brunotte and Dr. Günl, as first author, with 266,000 euros. Click here for the full press release of the Medical Faculty.

Dr. Antje Peters wins one of the three „For Women in Science“ awards in 2021

News dated 26.11.2021
The award winner Dr. Antje Peters (Photo: Picture People MS)

The three scientists Dr. Pauline Fleischmann, University of Würzburg, Dr. Antje Peters, Institute for Medical Psychology and Systems Neurosciences, WWU Münster and Dr. Anna Vlasits, University Hospital Tübingen won this year's For Women in Science Award. The foundation of the Nobel Prize winner Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, the German UNESCO Commission and L’Oréal Germany honor three young women scientists every year for their outstanding research work. The award supports highly qualified young women with children in the reconciliation of family and work and is endowed with almost 15.000 Euros.

We congratulate Dr. Antje Peters warmly to the award!

  • Press release of the Medical Faculty Münster
  • Joint Press releaseof the Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard-Foundation, the German UNESCO-Commission and L’Oréal Germany

Nadja Rotte, PhD student at the Institute of Reproduction Genetics wins lecture award

News dated 19.11.2021
Nadja Rotte (Foto: Luisa Meier)

Nadja Rotte, a PhD student at the Institute for Reproduction Genetics (IRG) won the lecture award for her presentation on the topic of the "Role of the M1AP gene", which she presented at the Congress of the specialist society. The prize of 3,000 EUROS was sponsored by the organization “Dachverband Reproduktionsbiologie und -medizin e.V. (DVR)”. We extend our heartiest congratulations to Ms. Rotte on receiving the award. You can read the full press release from the Faculty of Medicine HERE.

Dr. med. Eva Freisinger wins Becht Research Award 2021

News dated 25.10.2021
Dr. med. Eva Freisinger © J. Schick

The “German Foundation for Heart Research” annually awards the “August Wilhelm and Lieselotte Becht Research Award” during the autumn conference of the German Society for Cardiology - Cardiovascular Research e. V, which is highly regarded in cardiological circles. The prize is awarded for outstanding research in the field of patient-centered cardiovascular research. It is endowed with EUR 15.000 and is one of the most outstanding instruments for promoting young researchers.

Dr. med. Eva Freisinger, Senior Physician at the Clinic for Cardiology I - Coronary Heart Disease, Heart Failure and Angiology, UKM is one of this year's award winners. She shares the award with PD Dr. Thorsten Kessler from the German Heart Centre in Munich.

You can read the complete press release of the Medical Faculty (in German only) HERE.

DFG extends funding for the Research group FOR 2690 PruSearch

News dated 04.10.2021
Prof. Dr. Dr. Sonja Ständer © UM - E. Wibberg

With a total of four million euros, the German Research Foundation will support the interdisciplinary research group FOR 2690 - Translational Pruritus Research for a further three years. Prof. Dr. Martin Schmelz, University of Heidelberg is the speaker and Prof. Dr. Dr. Sonja Ständer, head of the UKM's first Chronic Pruritus Competence Centre (KCP), is the co-spokesperson of the research group.

Chronic pruritus (AKA chronic itch) is a major clinical complaint not only associated with various dermatological diseases, but also prevalent cholestasis and renal failure, diabetes, lymphoma, cancer and anti-cancer therapy, neurological and psychiatric diseases. It has a high prevalence in the middle-aged and elderly populations. The interdisciplinary research group is made up of scientists and experts in the field of pruritus research in Germany with various specialties, including dermatology, neurophysiology, anaesthesiology, neurology, gastroenterology and radiology.

Click here to read the press release (in German) of the Medical Faculty of Münster.

One of the two awards for the first Else Kröner Medical Scientist Colleges goes to Prof. Petra Dersch

News dated 15.09.2021
Prof. Dr. Petra Dersch
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The Else Kröner Fresenius Foundation is funding two colleges in Essen and Münster for the first time with a new funding line for medical scientists. We heartily congratulate Prof. Dr. Petra Dersch, spokesperson for the new "Medical Scientists College" InFlame - Dynamics of Inflammatory Reactions on the successful application. With immediate effect, two of the Else Kröner Medical Scientist Colleges will be funded for postdocs with one million Euros each over four years in Essen and Münster.

Professor Dersch is director of the Institute of Infectiology, ZMBE and co-founder of the "Women in Science Network Medicine Münster".

Press release (in German) Else Kröner Fresenius Foundation
Press release (in German) Medical Faculty Münster

PD Dr. med. Sonja Suntrup-Krüger receives one of the highly renowned Else Kröner Clinician Scientist Professorships.

News dated 09.08.2021
PD Dr. med. Sonja Suntrup-Krüger © Foto - Private

The young Münster clinician and scientist PD Dr. med. Sonja Suntrup-Krüger, Department of Neurology with Institute for Translational Neurology, receives one of the highly renowned Else Kröner Clinician Scientist Professorships.
You can read the full press release from the Medical Faculty of Münster in German HERE