The Women in Science Network of the Medical Faculty Münster

The Women-in-Science Network Medicine Münster is an initiative of the DFG funded Collaborative Research Centres (SFB) and Clinical Research Units (KFO), the IZKF Münster and the Cells in Motion Interfaculty Center (CiM) at the Medical Faculty Münster in order to promote and bundle equal opportunities in science in cooperation with the Equal Opportunities Officer and the Dean's Office of the Medical Faculty. The network addresses women researchers from all disciplines and career levels working in the field of biomedical research, with an interest in professional advancement and networking.

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It is our vision to excite and promote women medical faculty members' enthusiasm and courage for a career in academia.

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This section is currently under constrcution. Further information will follow shortly.

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Here we would like to provide you with information about current Women in Science news on research and other interesting happenings.

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