Our vision: Achieving academic success by networking and tailored support

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The so-called "Leaky Pipeline" clearly shows that women are underrepresented at all professional phases in University Medicine, starting at the PhD level. This is due to a number of reasons, one of which is the lack of good network structures connecting women from doctorates to professorships.

The aim of the Women-in-Science Network Medicine Münster is to excite and promote female medical faculty members' enthusiasm and courage for a career in academia.

The wide range of offers gives women the opportunity to:

  •   Network
  •   Deal with life and career planning
  •   Develop personally
  •   Further educate themselves scientifically
  •   To keep thmselves up to date

The program of the Women-in-Science Network Medicine Münster aims to promote networking and equal opportunities in university medicine, so that women and men are represented equally in medical science at all levels.

The planned events include:

  •    Scientific lectures by established female scientists
  •    Workshops & trainings
  •    Informal network meeting "Women Networking"
  •    A structured mentoring program
  •    International Women-in-Science Network conferences

The network's advanced training offers are directed at all career levels in order to cover as many interests and the acquisition of competencies as possible. They will be expanded continuously.

For medical students study programs in Experimental Medicine  and the Mediziner Kolleg (MedK)  provide targeted additional training. All medical students are cordially invited to attend the scientific lectures organised by WiS Network.