New IZKF Board elected

Prof Frank Tüttelmann, Prof Oliver Söhnlein, Prof Alexander Zarbock (Chairman), Prof Udo Dannlowski (Vice Chairman), Prof Luise Erpenbeck (Photo - private)

On 29 January 2024, the IZKF General Assembly elected a new Board of Directors for the next three years. According to the Articles of Association, the Board coordinates the day-to-day business of the IZKF and implements the resolutions of the General Assembly. Elected were
Prof Dr Alexander Zarbock as the new IZKF Chairman,
Prof Dr Dr Udo Dannlowski as his deputy, and
Prof Dr Luise Erpenbeck, Prof Dr Dr Oliver Söhnlein and Prof Dr Frank Tüttelmann as further board members.

We would like to thank former Board member Prof Dr Timo Strünker and in particular our previous Chairman Prof Dr Stephan Ludwig for 6 years of intensive Board work.