The Paper of the Month 02/2023 goes to Dr. Brunotte and Dr. Günl for their publication of the results of a DFG-funded study that was published on the International Day of Women in Science.

Dr. Linda Brunotte, Leader of the Study. (Foto: WWU / M. Heine)

The German Research Foundation (DFG) funding a study by Dr. Brunotte and Dr. Günl with 266,000 Euros. The study, conducted by Dr. Linda Brunotte and her team at the Institute of Molecular Virology, ZMBE, focuses on the protein - influenza A virus polymerase (IAV polymerase) - as a starting point for the treatment of influenza. The results of the study were published in on International Women in Science Day in Nature Communications.

Günl F, Krischuns T, Schreiber JA, Henschel L, Wahrenburg M, Drexler HCA, Leidel SA, Cojocaru V, Seebohm G, Mellmann A, Schwemmle M, Ludwig S, Brunotte L (2023) The ubiquitination landscape of the influenza A virus polymerase. Nat Commun 14(1):787. [ABSTRACT]

The Faculty of Medicine has been presenting the "Paper of the Month Award" since 2017. With this award, the excellent work done by the scientists is rewarded. We congratulate Dr. Brunotte and Dr. Günl, first author of the publication, on the Paper of the Month Award 02/2023.

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