Institut für Physiologie II
Robert-Koch-Str. 27 b
T: 0251 / 83-55713

Curriculum vitae
After my training for a biolog.-techn. assistant (BTA) I studied biology at the university of Bielefeld finally completed with a PhD in the department of biochemical cellbiology (Prof. H. Hinssen). During this time, I focused on phylogeny and the understanding of the actin-based dynamics in cross-striated muscles. Soon after, I got insight into Cryo-EM techniques in Kyoto/Japan (Prof. M. Kikkawa), from 2008-2010 I was affiliated with the anatomical department in Freiburg/Breisgau (Prof. M. Frotscher). Here I gained knowledge about neuronal membrane receptors meanwhile improving skills in immunogold-EM and freeze-fracture replication methods.
In the group of Prof. WA Linke (Bochum/Münster) we´re focusing on the physiological properties of the giant protein titin during health and disease. Here, I´m implementing various kinds of IHC with special emphasis on transmission electron microscopy. 

Research Projects