IonTraCIon Transport Proteins in Control of Cancer Cell BehaviourIonTraC was a Marie Curie Initial Training Network on the role of Ion Transport Proteins in Pancreatic Cancer. The consortium consisted of 9 academic and two industrial partners from five European countries with long-standing, complementary expertises in ion transport and carcinogenesis. It was funded by the European Commission from 2011-15.
The main objective of the COST Action TD1002 (AFM4NanoMed&Bio) was to further develop and transfer the biophysical achievements of Atomic Force Microscopy to NanoMedicine and clinical research. The consortium consisted of 52 members from 24 European countries. It was funded by the European Commission from 2010-14.

Aldosterone is the major hormone regulating blood pressure. Alterations in blood levels of aldosterone and genetic mutations in its receptor, the mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) are major causes of hypertension. Main objective of the international COST Action BM1301 (ADMIRE) is to better understand the mechanisms of aldosterone secretion and MR activation, and to obtain molecular insights into the pathophysiological roles of MR activation and the clinical situations where aldosterone/MR is pathogenic.