Travel & workshop grants


Who can apply? Female researchers.

Travel grant: In general - an abstract buys a ticket! In this case, travel costs are covered by the central CRU grant. If no presentation of the researcher is applicable (short time within the project, no results yet, conference without abstract submission), travel costs can be applied for.

Workshop grant: The seminar has to provide further qualification into career and/or project.

What will be covered? Travel grant: up to 1000€ travel costs per person per conference. Workshop grant: registration fee (and travelling).

How to apply? Informal application stating the conference/meeting/workshop and the personal and scientific benefit for the female researcher. Please send your application in ADVANCE of the meeting to

In addition, a new program is initiated by the Equal Opportunity Measures: BRIDGING FUNDS
This measure is thought to support young female scientists after their master/bachelor or doctoral thesis to be able to stay in their workgroup and continue with personal project ideas.

Please find more information here.

Granted support

Conferences & travel
  • Cynthia Rieck: Cilia 2022, Cologne
  • Alina Wilken: Cilia 2022, Cologne
  • Johanna Raidt: Virtual school on rare diseases
  • Maria Schubert: GCP (Good Clinical Practice), 'Ethikkommission/Landesärztekammer' Westfalen Lippe
  • Lara Siebert: 8th DVR Congress, Leipzig
  • Sara Obidos: Travel costs
  • Sara Di Persio: Travel costs
  • Sandra Laurentino: ESHRE Conference, Wien
  • Sophie Kaldewey: Congress of the 'Deutsche Gesellschaft für Andrologie', Gießen
  • Lina Pérez Lanuza: Congress of the 'Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie', Göttingen
  • Sandra Laurentino: 10X Genomics User Group Meeting, Barcelona
  • Christin Groh: Women in Science Conference, Münster
  • Nadja Rotte: Women in Science Conference, Münster
  • Nina Neuhaus: Women in Science Conference, Münster
  • Kim Westerich: Women in Science Conference, Münster
  • Sandra Laurentino: Epigenetic Conference, Köln
  • Corinna Friedrich: 20th European Testis Workshop, Portugal
  • Sara Di Persio: 20th European Testis Workshop, Portugal
  • Margot Wyrwoll: 20th European Testis Workshop, Portugal
  • Nadja Rotte: Registration fee '11 Jahrestagung Netzwerk Wissenschaftsmanagement', online
  • Johanna Raidt: Registration fee 'Infektiologischer Intensivkurs', Würzburg
  • Nadja Rotte: Registration fee 'PDSM2021', online
  • Maria Schubert: Registration fee 'Course - Reproductive Endocrinology'
  • Maria Schubert: Registration fee 'Studienleiterkurs'
  • Nadja Rotte: Registration fee 'Karriere im Wissenschaftsmanagement'
  • Cristin Beumer: Registration fee 'Forschungsverbundsmanagement'