Opportunities at the WWU for female researchers:


The Women-in-Science Network Medicine (WiSNetMed) Münster is an initiative of the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centres (SFB) and Clinical Research Units (CRU/KFO), the IZKF Münster, and the Cells in Motion Interfaculty Center (CiM) at the Medical Faculty Münster in order to promote and bundle equal opportunities in science in cooperation with the Equal Opportunities Officer and the Dean's Office of the Medical Faculty. Please find more information here

Founders of the Women-in-Science Network Medicine (WiSNetMed) Münster (Foto: UM - E. Wibberg)

CRU Women-in-Science

Network of the female scientists of the CRU: Addressing women from both the doctoral as well as post-doc or clinician scientist level, this network aims to increase collaboration and exchange of experiences. Starting with the nine CRU women who joined the Leadership journey cohort 2021, this network is open to all interested scientists and already did a great job on working on the equal opportunity measures stated in the CRC grant application. Regular meetings take place approximately every three months. Please contact Birgit Stallmeyer for further information.