Equal Opportunity and Diversity at the WWU

Since 1990, the University of Münster has its own Equal Opportunity Office. The team is comprised of the Principal and Deputy Equal Opportunity Officers, who are elected in accordance with the State Equal Opportunity Act (Landesgleichstellungsgesetz, LGG NRW), as well as administrative staff and an advisor in equal opportunity matters. Various funding options promoting equal opportunity for both women and men are included at their website. Besides, general information about improtant topics such as sexual discrimination, harassment and violence, as well as individual projects, e.g. events marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November) are available at their webpages. Take a look here for more details!

Looking for the easiest overview of all the gender equality measures in study, research, teaching, and life-phase-related career development at the University? The Gender Equality Online Database (GL.ON.DA) is the perfect information system for such questions!

Equal Opportunity Measures of individual Faculties

FB05 - Medicine

Members of the Faculty of Medicine have the opportunity to take advanatges of individual measurment and support offers. Please find more information here.


FB10 - Mathematics and Informatics

This Faculty  offers various support activities for different groups in the areas of women, families, and students with children. For detailed measurments see here.


FB13 - Biology

In addition to the Equal Opportunitiy Frameworks of the University of Münster, the Department of Biology, offers additional measurments specifically tailored to the requirements and necessities of the department's members here.



The university offers a mentoring program for female scientists to support their career towards a professorship up from post-doc level. The program provides mentoring, soft skill training and networking opportunities. Please find more information here (german only).

Ursula von Euch Stiftung

There is a special fellowship from the 'Ursula von Euch Stiftung' at the WWU supporting the contribution and career of more female scientists with children in science. It is applicable to female PhD students, post-docs and scientists within the departments of biology, medicine etc. They provide financial support to manage childcare, household, and scientific work. Please find more information here.

Corinna Friedrich (here) is a current scholar!

'Frauen in der Wissenschaft' - FB Biology

Organised by master students from the Biological Faculty (FB13) of the University of Münster, a virtual two-evening event was financially supported by our CRU326 equal opportunity measurments. This event aimed to give insights into the career paths of women in sciences, industry, and public services.