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  • Which hurdles have been overcome?
  • What was your career path like?
  • Which helpful advice do you have? How does one balance ones professional ambitions with ones private life?

We will discuss these and other issues with successful women in the Career Paths series.

Nadine Heiden speaks about her dual career as a “clinician scientist” in patient care and research

Nadine Heiden © UM/Erk Wibberg

Specialising as a physician while doing a second doctorate in the natural sciences, medical professional Nadine Heiden initially considered this idea an experiment as there are not yet many colleagues in her field who are going down this road. “I always wanted to do both – take care of patients and do research,” the 30-year-old says. The director of her clinic, Prof. Michael Schäfers, himself a practising physician and active scientist, encouraged her to pursue the opportunity.

You can read the entire article by Doris Niederhoff on the CiMIC homepage here:

Prof. Alonso Gonzalez speaks about her career and gender equality in science

News dated 29.11.201
Prof. Dr. Noelia Alonso Gonzalez ©UM/Doris Niederhoff

“You do really need to believe that you’re equal”
Dr. Noelia Alonso Gonzalez recently became Professor of Macrophage Biology at the University of Münster. Her career springboard was a programme run by the research network “Cells in Motion”, which aimed to increase the proportion of women in leadership positions. In a video, the researcher and mother talks about her career path, international mobility and gender equality.

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