MOMENTUM Women’s Leadership Journey

The Leadership Circle Profile (

The “MOMENTUM Women's Leadership Journey” is the new funding module of the Medical Faculty and is intended to promote the development of an individual leadership style and support the career development of the participants.

The aim of the program is to improve the individual perception of one’s own leadership in projects and everyday activities, to strengthen the network of participants and to close the leaky pipeline in order to have more young scientists in leadership positions in the future.

MOMENTUM is a 9-month development journey of self-reflection and experimentation with one's own leadership behavior.

It starts with comprehensive personal (360 °) feedback in the form of the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP, image) as well as individual coaching, followed by five interactive workshops in the group. Topics include:

  •     Strategies for sustainable leadership
  •     Measures to promote teamwork
  •     Importance of leadership skills for corporate success

At the beginning, participants identify their personal development focus in order to experiment with it in everyday situations. With a heightened awareness of their own leadership skills, they recognize which impulses they would like to set in their professional context - for more effective and collaborative cooperation.

For those interested there will be a detailed information event on 10 January 2022. To register, please fill out the following Form or send an E-Mail to

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