MOMENTUM Women’s Leadership Journey

The Leadership Circle Profile (

After successfully completing the MOMENTUM Women's Leadership Journey, the program for female scientists will continue in 2024 for the 4th time. The feedback was consistently positive, highlighting that the program offers motivated women the opportunity to strengthen and expand their leadership skills and their professional network.

MOMENTUM is designed for female scientists in the late PhD stage of their medical and scientific careers. The goal of the program is to close the "leaky pipeline" in order to see more women in leadership positions in the future. 

The program has been introduced in 2020, promoting equal career opportunities for women at the Faculty of Medicine by focussing on the development of individual leadership skills.

MOMENTUM is a 9-month development journey of self-reflection and experimentation with one's own leadership behaviour. Participants identify their personal development focus in order to then experiment with new approaches and methods in everyday situations. With a heightened awareness of their own leadership skills, they recognize which impulses they would like to set in their professional context - for more effective and collaborative cooperation.

It starts by conducting the 360° feedback assessment “Leadership Circle Profile” (LCP, see below), including two individual coaching sessions.


In addition, the participants have the opportunity to exchange ideas about challenging situations in their everyday professional lives and to strengthen their leadership skills with the help of new methods, approaches and tips within 5 seminar days (see dates below), so-called "labs". 

Topics include:

  • "Strategies for sustainable leadership and self-leadership"
  • "Achieving goals and promoting teamwork"
  • "Strengthening communication and negotiation skills"
  • "Mindfulness and self-awareness in leadership"
  • "Influence of my leadership on project success"

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