Milos Galic, PhD

Group Leader

Phone: +49(0)251 83-51040

Fax: +49(0)251 83-51009


Curriculum Vitae

2014 - today: CiM Junior Research Group Leader

2012 - 2013: Research Associate, Chemical & Systems Biology, Stanford, USA

2007 - 2012: Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical & Systems Biology, Stanford, USA

2002 - 2007: PhD, Neurobiology, University of Basel, Switzerland (summa cum laude)

1996 - 2002: Studies in Biology, University of Zürich, Switzerland


My lab investigates the spatio-temporal dynamics of force detection and force regulation in cells. Coordination of intra- and intercellular forces occurs in a number of cellular systems and is believed to be a crucial element that contributes among others to cell architecture (e.g. neuronal arborization), directionality and speed of cell migration, as well as collective cell behavior. Despite its importance, the molecular mechanisms underlying force-control have largely remained unclear. To investigate these control mechanisms, our lab combines classical cell biology with nanofabrication, synthetic biology and computational analysis of microscopic images with high spatial and temporal resolution. Together, these studies will advance our understanding how forces acting on the cell surface contribute to cell shape and cell migration or affect various tissue properties.

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