Welcome to Electron microscopy division of IMPB Münster!Microscopy, whether light or electron, is required for visualization of the cells as they are too small for an unaided eye. Nowadays there is a variety of methods for studying living cells, yet the electron microscopy (EM) provides unbeatable resolution of the cell ultrastructure and organization. While the fluorescent microscopy resembles colorful bright lights of cityscape at night, EM sheds a day-light onto it revealing the detailed architecture of a sample.Our EM division provides resources, technology and expertise for studying the ultrastructure of a variety of biological or medical samples as well as samples from material science. We have a long-standing history of collaborations with industry either. We can also teach and train your personnel. Please, visit our image gallery page to see some representative images.With all the questions concerning collaboration please contact:
Dr. Yaroslav Tsytsyura
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