Protein, peptide and metabolite analysis in service and research

Only a limited number of standardized techniques are available for the analysis of biological samples and the best results are obtained by intense cooperation between the different disciplines. A team of specialists adopts knowledge to need and delivers tailored, high quality analyses for academic clients and industrial partners in the areas of:
  • Biomolecular mass spectrometry
  • Multidimensional and differential gelelectrophoresis
  • Separation and identification of proteins
  • Interaction, modification and expression analysis
  • Bioprofiling using LC-MS and multivariate statistics

Synapt G2 Si for proteome expression analysis

In the Core Unit Proteomics of the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research a state-of-the-art high resolution mass spectrometer has been installed recently. The German Research Organization DFG has granted 750.000 € for this purpose. The new instrument ... >>>
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