Mass spectrometry-based (LC-MS/MS, MSe, IMS, MALDI-TOF)

  • Identification of pre-separated proteins
  • Determination of molecular weights
  • Structure analysis
  • Expression analysis
  • Bioinformatics

Gel electrophoresis (PAGE)

  • Cell lysis and protein purification
  • 1D/2D-PAGE, mini and regular size, vertical and horizontal
  • Differential gel electrophoresis (DIGE)
  • Fluorescence scanning with three lasers (457/488, 532, 633 nm)
  • Phospho-and glycoproteome visualization (Pro-Q Diamond/Emerald-stains)
  • Image analysis:
    • gels (PDQuest)
    • statistical analysis of DIGE-experiments (DeCyder, Delta 2D)


  • C18-separation of peptides and nanoHPLC-MS/MS
  • iKey
  • 2D-proteome separation

Preparative techniques

  • Separation of protein mixtures based on pI in the liquid phase (Rotofor)
  • Capillary electrophoresis and quality control of proteins (Bioanalyzer)

Open Access

Call for scheduling! ph. 0251-83-57166/57164
  • Typhoon 9400 fluorescence scanner
  • Image analysis software (DeCyder, PDQuest)
  • PAGE equipment