Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Rijeka, Kroatien

Die Core Unit arbeitet gemeinsam mit Prof. Sandra Kraljevic Pavelic vom Institut für Biotechnologie an einem Projekt zur Proteinanalyse von Istrischen Rohschinken. (2019)

Zusammenarbeit mit der Neurochirurgie am UKM (2020-2022)

Promotion zur Bestimmung von Porphyrinen in Blut von Glioblastom-Patienten

Collaboration with the Stradina University of Riga

The Core Unit collaborates with Prof. Zanda Daneberga of the Institute for Oncology on the project "Prolonged hypoxia induced differential protein signatures in BRCA1 +/- triple negative breast cancer cell lines", funded by the Baltic-German University Liaison Office. (2019)


CUP participates in the European Translational Training for Autoimmunity & Immune Manipulation Network EUTRAIN, a research and training Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) focused on translational research in pediatric rheumatology.

The German Research Foundation DFG funds a 3-year collaboration of the universities of Mainz and Münster for studies of the complex-regional pain syndrome with 459800 € (2012-2015)

The complex-regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a neurological-orthopedic-traumatologic pain disease, which develops in approximately 5% of patients for instance after bone fracture. These patients observe, e.g., overheating in the respective limbs, edema, excessive sweating and pain during movement
The aim of the projectes of the physician from Mainz, Frank Birklein, and the chemist / bioanalytician from Münster Simone König is to investigate the inflammatory processes in tissue such as skin and assign them to clinical symptoms in order to prepare for targeted therapy of CRPS.
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TransEuropean Footrace 2009: Urine profiling

In collaboration with medical doctors from Basel and Ulm the Proteomics group of the IFG works on the analysis of urine samples from marathon runners to elucidate performance-specific markers. Link
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Silkworm Proteomics 2010-2012

Funding of DFG and DAAD allows the collaboration with Prof. M. Krishnan of Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India, for the investigation of different silkworm proteins.
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BMBF (ProINNO) Project 2007-2010

For a collaboration with a small company, Eco Luft- und Raumqualität, Cologne, a project was funded which deals with the identification of protein allergens in dust at the workplace. 25 Mio people suffer from allergies in Germany. Bakers allergy is an allergic skin irritation or even asthma, which is caused by high-molecular compounds in flour, yeast or other components in the air of bakeries. It is recognized as an occupational disease. InfosBased on the methods of proteomics, gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry, in this project a web-based database will be built which will allow the screening of allergens at the workplace in order to improve prevention.
Team. Image: Media center UKM

Phoshorylation of annexin 2

Innovative Medical Research of the Medical Faculty Münster sponsors the collaboration of Ursula Rescher (ZMBE) and Simone König (IFG) for two years. The phosphorylation sites of annexin 2 and their importance in insulin-induced signal transduction shall be investigated.