Extra Talk: Prof. Tim Gilberger, Bernhard Nocht Institute, Hamburg - “Regulatory steps in red blood cell invasion of the malaria parasite”

Lecture Hall Hautklinik, 12:00!  
- Treeck M, Zacherl S, Herrmann S, Cabrera A, Kono M, Struck NS, Engelberg K, Haase S, Frischknecht F, Miura K, Spielmann T, Gilberger TW. Functional analysis of the leading malaria vaccine candidate AMA-1 reveals an essential role for the cytoplasmic domain in the invasion process (2009). PLoS Pathog 5: e1000322.
- Yahata K, Treeck M, Culleton R, Gilberger TW, Kaneko O. Time-lapse imaging of red blood cell invasion by the rodent malaria parasite Plasmodium yoelii (2012). PLoS One 7:e50780.

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