phi Münster

phi – Pathogen-Host Interplay ClubToday’s view on microbial pathogenicity has profoundly changed. With pathogenicity no longer considered a specific property of the microbe, the focus shifts onto the host-microbe interplay.

Our phi Club with its monthly meetings provides a platform for all those interested in the pathogen-host dynamics to pursue such a holistic approach, interact and form new connections. phi is an interdisciplinary research network of the WWU.

The format of the meetings is either a “work-in-progress” report to present and further ongoing research or a presentation by a guest speaker.

Where and When?

Regular  Meetings: Lecture Hall Hautklinik, Time: 12:00 ct; Extra Guest Talks: check the website for location and time

We also host a variety of other activities.

Check back regularly to get the latest news on upcoming events!

phi Club Coordination - Prof. Ursula Rescher, ZMBE,

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