CRU326 well-represented at European Testis Workshop 2023

We are excited and proud that more than 20 scientists from the CRU326 were accepted at this year’s European Testis Workshop at Caux Palace in Montreux, Switzerland, taking place from 18-22 June, 2023. It is striking that our junior scientists were particularly well-represented, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the CRU group. Their success is testament to the CRU’s efforts in promoting young scientists.
The qualification and expertise of our upcoming researchers is reflected by the fact that four scientists were selected to give ten-minute talks: Dr. Sara di Persio elaborated on the testicular immune cell landscape in germ cell (dys)function. Day two featured doctoral students Juan Manual Paturlanne and Jannika Patz presenting their research on the marmoset spermatogonial compartment as well as the function and interplay of CatSper and Slo3, respectively. Dr. Avinash Gaikwad rounded off the CRU selected talks with a presentation on the role of GLUD2 in male infertility.

Great honour for CRU326 junior scientists: Sara di Persio, Manuel Paturlanne, Jannika Patz, and Avinash Gaikwad were selected to give ten-minute talks at ETW 2023.


What a great success for our upcoming scientists from the IRG and CeRA for winning three poster prizes at this year’s ETW.

Furthermore, three poster prizes went to CRU researchers. Nadja Rotte was awarded the prize for symposium no. 6 Meiosis and spermatogenesis for her talk on “M1AP – a novel human ZZS complex component?”. Lara Marie Siebert-Kuss, who received a travel grant from the Santander Mobility Fund, convinced the jury of her presentation about “EM-seq of human testicular germ cell fractions points to global decline in DNA methylation during meiosis” (symp. 5, Epigenetic regulation of spermatogenesis). First-time ETW attendant and master student Erik Schüftan won the poster prize for his three-minute talk on “Chromatoid body architect TDRD6 - impact on spermatogenesis and male infertility” (symp. 12, Human Genetics and Infertility).

Special congratulations go to CRU326 PI Juanma Vaquerizas (Imperial College, London & Max Planck Institute, Münster), who was invited to give a plenary lecture. Opening symposium 5 ( Epigenetic regulation of spermatogenesis), he enlightened the audience with a talk on “Regulation of human spermatogenesis at single-cell resolution”.

CRU326 PI Juanma Vaquerizas was invited to give a plenary lecture.