SEED Group Leader Dr. Nils Opel wins "Paper of the Month Award" (06/2020) of the Medical Faculty Münster

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The Faculty of Medicine has awarded the "Paper of the Month Award" since 2017. This award honours the excellent research of the scientists.

The current "Paper of the Month" (06/2020) award goes to Dr. Nils Opel from the Institute of Translational Psychiatry. Dr. Opel is the first author of the paper "Brain structural abnormalities in obesity: relation to age, genetic risk, and common psychiatric disorders : Evidence through univariate and multivariate mega-analysis including 6420 participants from the ENIGMA MDD working group" published in Molecular Psychiatry (2020) doi: 10.1038/s41380-020-0774-9. Online ahead of print [Abstract]  partly funded by the IZKF Münster in the projects SEED 11/10 (Dr. Nils Opel), Dan3/012/17 (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Udo Dannlowski) and MzH3/20/20 (PD Dr. Meyer zu Hörste and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tim Hahn).

We congratulate Dr. Opel and his coauthors on the award. You can read the full press release (in German) of the Medical Faculty HERE.