Nicolas Gompel: "Contrasting patterns of genetic evolution underlying morphology and behavior in Drosophila" (Seminar am IEB)

Am Dienstag, dem 18. November 2014, um 16 Uhr s.t. gibt Nicolas Gompel am Institut für Evolution und Biodiversität (IEB) ein Seminar zum Thema "Contrasting patterns of genetic evolution underlying morphology and behavior in Drosophila".

The past couple of decades have seen the emergence of a clear picture explaining the vast array of morphological diversification in plants and animals. Changes in the expression of developmental genes, largely fuelled by the evolution of regulatory elements, appear to be a main drive of this diversification. The talk will illustrate the kind of genetic mechanisms at work in this process through a particular example, the various patterns of pigmentation on Drosophila wings. Animals have diversified in other ways, for instance at the level of innate behaviors. Unlike for morphology, very little is known about the genetics underlying the diversification of animal behavior. In a second part, the talk will explore this question through the analysis of courtship behavior in Drosophila, and will tentatively compare patterns of genetic evolution underling behavior and morphology.

Die Veranstlatung ist Teil der Seminarreihe "Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution".

Veranstaltungsort: Hörsaal des IEB in der Hüfferstraße 1, 48149 Münster

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