Nathan Lawson (UMass Medical School, USA): “How to make a blood vessel sprout”

Nathan Lawson; Ph.D. (Foto: UMass Medical School)

2nd MPI Frontier Seminar

Title:  “How to make a blood vessel sprout"
Speaker: Nathan Lawson
Affiliation: University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
Date & Time: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 @ 3:00 pm
Location: MPI Auditorium

If you would like to meet the speaker, please email frontier@mpi-muenster.mpg.de for an appointment.

Abstract: The formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones, a process known as angiogenesis, is essential for embryonic growth and is associated with a number of pathological settings. Given the major benefits of the zebrafish - namely, rapidly developing transparent embryos and genetic amenability - this model system has enables detailed analysis and genetic dissection of morphogenetic processes. This seminar will highlight our work over the past several years using the zebrafish to discover new molecular and cellular mechanisms required for developmental angiogenesis.

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