Mouse Imaging Academy - MIA 2012

An interdisciplinary team invites you to join the training course on state-of-the-art imaging of mice at the University of Münster. You will be introduced into a broad spectrum of dedicated imaging technologies including μPET/μSPECT, μCT, μMRI, mouse ultrasound and optical imaging. A special emphasis is on specific in-depth practical training sessions (hands-on with four participants max.) and interactive imaging data analysis at our training and demonstration facility (VisualLab). Each participant will work with animal models, apply various imaging modalities and explore multimodal image data sets. Individuals with experience in small animal imaging as well as beginners are welcome to join our workshop.

MIA is organised by PIX (Preclinical Imaging eXperts) and the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF) of the University of Münster.

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