International Symposium on Transnational Approaches to Autoinflammatory Diseases

The Münster Autoinflammation Reference Center invites you to Münster for the forthcoming international symposium on autoinflammatory diseases (AID), which will be held on 15th + 16th May 2014. The symposium is also the meeting of the German AID-Registry. It is thus a translational approach to improve the management of patients with AID.
The 2014 meeting will be focused on translational approaches in selected AID and new clinical aspects in the management of patients with AID. Following the last and very successful international meeting in Münster 2 years ago, the event continues to foster the translation of recent advances in basic sciences into clinical management of AID. It will therefore bring together distinguished experts in the field and all interested colleages. There will be a stimulating mixture of topics overarching themes from pathophysiology to clinical care.
The meeting will take place in Münster, a university town and cultural center with a long-standing tradition. It is the organizers’ personal wish and hope that the symposium participants will thouroughly enjoy the scientific program as well as the atmosphere of the Westphalian capital. For more information click.

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