International Symposium: "Danger Signaling in Autoinflammation - Genetics, pathomechanisms, diagnostics and therapeutic targets"

Bildrechte: Institut für Immunologie, UKM

The institute for immunology invites you to Münster for the forthcoming international symposium on autoinflammatory syndromes.
The symposium is also the fourth meeting of a research consortium (AID-Net), which is funded by the German government through the BMBF.

The vision of the AID-Net consortium and as well of our symposium is to foster bridges between basic scientists and clinicians.
The 2012 meeting will be expanded both in space (the venue will be the main seat of the university in the “Schloss”) and topics.

The first part of the meeting will focus on danger signals (damage associated molecular patterns = DAMPs) including S100 proteins, while the second part will cover novel insights into autoinflammatory diseases.

Following the very successful international meeting in Münster last year, the event continues to translate recent advances in basic sciences into clinical management of auto‐inflammatory diseases and to explore potential future strategies for treatment.

For further information please visit the institute's homepage or read the flyer.

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