International Summer School of Ultrasound

Die Medizinische Fakultät Münster bietet für 16 Studierende aus verschiedenen Ländern diesen Sommer eine Summerschool an. Es handelt sich um einen Ultraschallkurs der im Studienhospital stattfinden wird. Unterstützt wird das Projekt u.a. durch den Deutschen Akademischen Austausch Dienst (DAAD). Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

Worldwide, ultrasound diagnostics play an important role in diverse medical disciplines as they are available ubiquitously, provide immediate results and are rather cost-effective. The vital significance of this examination technique disposed the Medical Faculty Muenster to launch a summer school about ultrasound in 2013 for the first time. According to our experiences, basics of ultrasound diagnostics and the evaluation of fundamental pathological findings can be learned within two weeks. Students will be trained in small groups on one subject per day. Each subject unit consists of a brief revision of the normal anatomy of the organ system, an introductory lecture, practical group exercises with increasing demands and self-study phases. At the end of each day the contents learned have to be transferred into clinical practice in interactive case discussions using iPads.
Using up-to-date technology and due to innovative teaching approaches participants will acquire a solid basis of ultrasound within two weeks which will be useful for further training in their home countries.
Thus, they will be able to carry out ultrasound investigations - at the beginning under supervision, later on independently.
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