Cells in Motion BrownBagLunch: Tracking the spoor of Human Papillomavirus - a microscopic Safari to understand cellular membrane dynamics and virus entry into host cells

Cells in Motion BrownBagLunch

On Fridays 12:00 to 13:00 at the University Hospital Münster (Ebene 05 Ost, Konferenzraum 403)
Speaker of this week:
Mario Schelhaas, Institutes of Mol. Virology and Med. Biochemistry/ZMBE

Use your lunch break to learn about new aspects and perspectives in experimental medicine! The new 'Cells in Motion BrownBagLunch' is an open network forum for young researchers by young researchers (MD/PhD students, postdocs and young clinician scientists). Every Friday, interdisciplinary research activities are presented in an informal atmosphere – while having lunch served in a brown bag. There is occasion for an open exchange of ideas and maybe networking for new interdisciplinary interactions. The talks are held in English language. Lunch is for free and no application necessary.

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