An immunotherapy register for the improvement of drug safety in MS therapy within the competence net MS

For patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) various treatment strategies are available, but the effectiveness and risks of these therapies may vary among subgroups of patients. The introduction of new MS therapies during the last decade has shifted attention on the appropriate and indication-based usage of the different available treatments by weighting subgroup dependent benefits versus risks.REGIMS is an immunotherapy register for the improvement of drug safety in MS therapy, which was initiated by the competence net Multiple Sclerosis (KKNMS). The primary objective of REGIMS is the assessment of the frequency, type, characteristics, and consequences of side effects of current and future immunotherapies used in patients with MS in routine clinical care. Secondary objectives are the analysis of factors associated with a) risk of serious side effects and b) good therapy adherence. Optionally, blood samples for the KKNMS biobank can be collected.


Contact persons: Alicia Başoğlu
Principal Investigator: Klaus Berger
Project coordination: Alicia Başoğlu
Medical documentation: Florian Wehowsky
Funding: BMBF, Biogen Idec (BIIB)
State: Project funding ended 08/2019, data collection completed