Volume 2, #1, 2009


Protein modifications and their analysis using mass spectrometrySimone Königpp 1-26Abstract:This review introduces several important modifications in proteins for the novice and the practitioner in the bioanalytical field and, in particular, for he mass spectrometrist. Examples of natural occuring post-translational as well as artificially introduced moieties are discussed. Structures, formulas, and mass values are supplied in extensive tables so that the article may serve as a suitable reference in daily practice.Chemical profiles in the insect cuticleKay Christine Rixpp 27-37Abstract:With the advent of new mass spectrometric technologies for the investigation of living insects more possibilities arise to profile their chemicals with respect to behavior. This review summarizes the current knowledge on cuticular compounds mainly based on gas chromatography/mass spectrometry analyses of hexane and chloroform extracts. Special emphasis is placed on hydrocarbons and their role as insect pheromones.


Access to minor bovine and caprine whey proteins: Beta lactoglobulin removal by preparative isoelectric focussingSimone König, Anna-Maria Mehlich, and Doreen Ackermannpp39-52Abstract:Access to lower abundant milk proteins and enzymes is hampered by the presence of major proteins such as casein and albumin. In fact, β-lactoglobulin dominates the 2D-gel of bovine whey. The goal to visualize the remaining 1 % of the whey proteins in a routine setting and a reproducible manner was achieved using preparative isoelectric focusing. For bovine whey, this method allowed the fractionation of β-lactoglobulin in only 2 of 20 fractions which could be removed from further processing. The procedure could be standardized and allowed the comparison of the low abundant whey proteins on 2D-polyacrylamide gels both in industrial quality control and academic proteome analysis.The study was conducted in comparison to caprine whey. More casein precipitate was generated at pH 4.6 in goat than in cow whey. Residual casein also dominates the separation and direct proteome comparison of caprine and bovine whey is therefore compromised. The question as to what extent the source of the milk (bio- versus regular farm) is important for the protein pattern is raised as result of proteome differences. Protein analysis was performed using nanoHPLC-MS/MS. Sequence fragments for the so far unassigned caprine proteins serum albumin, polymeric immunoglobulin receptor precursor, and lactadherin were submitted to the UniProt database.


pp 53-68INTRODUCTIONSimone KönigSPEAKER ABSTRACTSVariability in mass spectra - How we can get better answersAlfred YergeyThe cell: A close lookKatharina PsathakiFrom single molecules to biomolecular interactions and super-resolution microscopyPhilip TinnefeldNon-invasive monitoring of cellular ion-channel activity using electronic devicesAndreas OffenhäuserQuantitative analysis of fluorescently labelled thiols and amines by microchip capillary electrophoresis with wavelength-resolved fluorescence detectionUwe KarstThe hunt for the quark-gluon-plasmaJohannes WesselsATP in the brain: More than energy currencyChristian LohrIsotope-based imaging of molecular targets in tissues and living animalsMichael SchäfersIn vivo cell tracking using magnetic resonance and optical imaging techniquesChristoph BremerSmal animal ultrasound - From functional to molecular imagingKlaus TiemannSPOTS, SMOTS and SLOTS - Shotgun proteomics, shotgun metabolomics and shotgun lipidmics on tissue samplesMalcolm ClenchMALDI MS imaging coupled with high-efficiency on mobility separationEmmanuelle ClaudeGetting towards protein isoform assays in single cellsAndy HiggsGene expression profiling from a minimal number of LCM selected pure cellsUdo SchimmelPhysiological characterization of plant cells by means of single cell analysisChristian WilhelmTargeting and tracing antigens in living cellsHeinrich LeonhardtSingle-cell whole genome amplification: reliability and limitsChristian KorfhageCoupling of exo- and endocystosis: Insights from single-vesicle recordingsJürgen KlingaufPOSTERSLDI MS imaging on a single cell level of Hypericumspecies for studying the distribution of hypericins and biflavonoidsDirk Hölscher, Rohit Shroff, Katrin Knop, Michael Gottschaldt, Bernd Schneider, David G. Heckel, Ulrich S. Schubert, Ales SvatosGABA transport-mediated calcium signaling in olfactory bulb astrocytesMichael Doengi, Philippe Coulon, Hans-Christian Pape, Joachim W. Deitmer, Christian LohrSATELLITE EVENTSBioAnalyzer Gel - Proteomic imaging system for unstained and stained gelsUwe SchröerLaser capture microdissection from Carl Zeiss: A new dimension in sample purityMonika Stich