Volume 1, #2, 2007

NOVARead on the history of mass spectrometry from the personal perspective of one of the pioneers! p. 99LETTER TO THE EDITORZdenek Herman v HISTORYReflections on mass spectrometry and other issuesHenry M. Fales and Simone Königpp 99-125PAPERPhosphorylation site analysis of MRP14 purified from granulocytesMartin Zeller, Thomas Vogl, Johannes Roth and Simone Königpp 127-133Abstract:Myeloid-related protein MRP14 is a member of the S100 family of calcium-binding proteins and is known to be phosphorylated in vivo. With the combination of enzymatic dephosphorylation, reversed phase and metal ion affinity chromatography, and mass spectrometry methods the phosphorylation site T113 of human MRP14 was unambiguously determined.COMMENTThe crux of proteome analysisSimone Königpp 135-141


pp 143-161INTRODUCTIONDownscaling analysis: Single cells and moleculesSimone KönigSPEAKER ABSTRACTSQuantitative single cell molecular biologyJames Eberwine, Kevin Miyashiro, Lindy Barrett, Theresa Kannanayakal, Jeanine Jochems, Tiina Peritz, Kalle Kilk, Emelia Eriksdottir, Ulo Langel, Jai-Yoon Sul, Hajime Takano, Phillip Hayden, Elizabeth Van Bockstaele and Jason GlanzerHeterogeneity in the mitochondria of single cells revealed by individual organelle capillary electrophoretic analysisEdgar A. ArriagaGene expression profiling of microdissected Hodgkin and Reed/Sternberg (hrs) cellsRalf KüppersCombined genome and transcriptome analysis of single disseminated cancer cellsChristoph A. KleinToward single-molecule detection on DNA-, RNA- and protein levelJörg HoheiselSingle cell and single molecule analysis in cell and tissue preparationsJørn KochAnalysis of a simple neural circuit by single cell profilingKa Wan LiCombined optical trapping and chemical analysis of single cells within a capillaryDave BarrettAnalytical tools for the single cellJonas BergquistIntracellular dynamics of single moleculesUlrich KubitscheckMultiparameter fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging with single molecule sensitivityClaus A. M. SeidelDigital holographic microscopy - A new technology for living single cell analysisGert von BallyGene expression profiling of single and few cells sorted by MACS, FACS and microdissectionAndreas BosioHigh-speed MALDI-TOF imaging: The future of biomarker discovery and proteomics?Wolfgang Albrecht, Martin Schürenberg, Sören-Oliver Deininger, Arne Fütterer and Detlev SuckauNew horizons by the use of parallel qualitative and quantitative proteomics without isotopic labellingMarc KippingLaser-based isolation of single living cells - New approaches in cell and molecular biologyYilman Niyaz, M. Stich, A. Buchstaller, R. Gangus and R. Burgemeister