Wednesday, November 03

Opening and introduction
13:00Stephan Ludwig
Keynote lecture
13:10Michael Roukes
Towards single-molecule nanomechanical mass spectrometry
Session I
14:00Vahid Sandoghdar
New methods for detection, imaging, and manipulation of nano-objects: going beyond fluorescence labeling and optical tweezing
14:30Moritz Bünemann
Dynamics of GPCR signalling visualized by fluorescence microscopy
15:00David Klug
Microfluidic antibody capture chips with single molecule detection: A step towards single cell proteomics
Coffee break
Company Presentations
16:00Applied Biosystems
Single Cell Transcriptome Analysis by Next Generation Sequencing on the SOLiD™ System
16:30Aura Optik
aureka® – your access to single-cell omics
17:00Carl Zeiss Microimaging
Single cell applications using Laser Microdissection from Carl Zeiss: Pancreatic Islets and spheroids as examples
Popular science lecture
17:30Franz Hillenkamp
MALDI Mass Spectrometry: an Adventure
Conference Dinner
19:30Mühlenhof Open-air museum

Thursday, November 04

Session II
09:00Martin Bastmeyer
Tailored three-dimensional microstructure scaffolds for single cell studies
09:30Luisa de Cola
Nanomaterials and their interactions with living organism
10:00Hagen Thielecke
Chip-supported characterization of single cells
10:30Coffee break
Session III
11:00Monica Palcic
Single cell enzymology and metabolism of oligosaccharides
11:30Yuri Korchev
Beyond the optical resolution in living cell: Biomedical applications of scanning ion conductance microscopy
12:00Wolfgang Fritzsche
Dielectrophoresis and plasmonic nanoparticles for single cell characterization and manipulation
12:30Closing Remarks
Special Topic Forum
12:45Andreas Beyer
What about 'Intelligent Design'? - how irreducible complexity can evolve
14:00Applied Biosystems
Next-Generation Sequencing