3rd Münster Conference on Single Cell Analysis 2006
Progress in Research and Technology
December 4-5, 2006


Photograph of a macrophage by Lennart Nilsson used by permission.ProceedingsConference Halls Technology Park The activity of individual cells is the basis of any biological function in living organisms. Advances in analytical technologies allow investigations on the level of single cells and molecules and enhance our understanding of their function and interaction. This conference monitors the current state-of-the-art.

Confirmed Speakers

Keynote Lecture - Chair: Franz Hillenkamp

Jonathan V. Sweedler Techniques for probing the brain's chemistry one cell at a time

University of Illinois

Günter Valet Cytomics and the resolution of organismal biocomplexity

MPI Martinsried

Julia Kehr  Combined transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome analysis at a cell type-specific level

MPI Golm

Klaus Gewert Protein catalysis monitored by trFTIR

Ruhr University Bochum

Payam Minoofar  Following primary hyperparathyroidism from surgery to proteomic analysis

JWCI  UCLA  WWU The John Wayne Cancer Institute, Santa Monica, CA

Mario Schelhaas  Single object tracking as tool to analyze virus entry and cell biological transport phenomenons

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich

Solon Thanos Intraneuronal crystallin b-2 (crybb2) triggers elongation of axons

University of Muenster

Jens Klokkers Aquaporin 2 activity in renal epithelial cells monitored with digital holographic microscopy

University of Muenster

Daniel Breitenstein Single cell detection by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry


Klaus Dreisewerd Molecular profiling of herbal and animal tissue by direct infrared laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry

University of Muenster

Ronan O´Malley Advances in tissue imaging using a MALDI quadrupole oa-Tof mass spectrometer


Sören Deininger From mass imaging to class imaging - New horizons in MALDI molecular imaging

Bruker Daltonics

Matthias Glückmann Imaging of proteins and small molecules using the 4800 MALDI-TOF/TOF analyzer

Applied Biosystems

Andreas May Multiplex RT-PCR of DNA modification genes in single blastomeres of mouse preimplantation embryos

University of Mainz

Andreas Bosio Combined cell sorting and few cell gene expression profiling for the characterisation of GABAergic interneurons and neural precursors

Miltenyi Biotec

Ralph Vogelsang Multiplex miRNA profiling from single embryonic stem cells and early embryos


Popular Science Lecture - Thomas Stephan The famous Muenster stardust researcher ""Fire and ice - First results from the space mission Stardust

Planetology Muenster   Read in the media   more,   more,  more

Registration and Submission

Online registration and abstract submission. Registration to Oct. 31, 2006, 75 € (thereafter 100 €)

IZKF members and students 40 €

The conference is growing and this year, in contrast to the past meetings we encourage submission of posters and oral presentations. Deadline for submission: 31.082006

Manuscripts on mass spectrometry and related/peripheral technologies will be published in Biomacromolecular Mass Spectrometry. Deadline for submission: 31.12.2006.

Conference Venue

Conference Halls Technologiepark Muenster GmbH
Mendelstr. 11
48149 Münster

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