Keynote Lecture
Towards single-molecule nanomechanical mass spectrometry
Michael Roukes, Nat. Nanotechn. 2009
Kavli Nanoscience Institute
California Institute of Technology
Popular Science Lecture
MALDI Mass Spectrometry: an Adventure
Franz Hillenkamp, MALDI MS
Institute for Medical Physics and Biophysics
University of Muenster
Confirmed speakers
Microfluidic antibody capture chips with single molecule detection: A step towards single cell proteomics
David Klug, PNAS 2008
Department of Chemistry, Imperial College, London
New methods for detection, imaging, and manipulation of nano-objects: going beyond fluorescence labeling and optical tweezing
Vahid Sandoghdar, Nat. Meth. 2009
Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, ETH Zurich
Single cell enzymology and metabolism of oligosaccharides
Monica Palcic, ABC 2007
Carlsberg Laboratory, Valby, Denmark
Dynamics of GPCR signalling visualized by fluorescence microscopy
Moritz Bünemann, Nat. Meth. 2009
Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy
Philipps-Universtität Marburg
Tailored three-dimensional microstructure scaffolds for single cell studies
Martin Bastmeyer, ABC 2008
Zoologisches Institut, Karlsruher Institut fuer Technologie
Nanomaterials and their interactions with living organism
Luisa De Cola, ACS Nano 2009
Physikalisches Institut, University of Muenster
Beyond the optical resolution in living cell: Biomedical applications of scanning ion conductance microscopy
Yuri Korchev, Nat. Meth. 2009
Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London
Chip-supported characterization of single cells
Hagen Thielecke, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2007
Biohybrid Systems
Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering
Dielectrophoresis and plasmonic nanoparticles for single cell characterization and manipulation
Wolfgang Fritzsche, Nanotechnology 2007
Institute of Photonic Technology, Nanobiophotonics Department, Jena
Thursday Lunch Discussion
What about 'Intelligent Design'? - how irreducible complexity can evolve
Andreas Beyer
Molekulare Biologie, FH Gelsenkirchen / Recklinghausen
Company PresentationsABI
Single Cell Transcriptome Analysis by Next Generation Sequencing on the SOLiD™ System
Thomas Rygus, Franziska Freund, Ralph Vogelsang, Raimo TanziPALM/Zeiss
Single cell applications using Laser Microdissection from Carl Zeiss: Pancreatic Islets and spheroids as examples
Monika StichAura Optik
aureka® – your access to single-cell omics
Ute Müller