2nd Münster Conference on Single Cell Analysis 2005
Progress in Research and Technology
December 1-2, 2005


Photograph of a macrophage by Lennart Nilsson used by permission.Lecture Hall Dekanat Medical Faculty, Domagkstr. 3, Westfalian Wilhems-University Muenster, Germany The activity of individual cells is the basis of any biological function in living organisms. Advances in analytical technologies allow investigations on the level of the single cell and enhance our understanding of their function and interaction. This conference monitors the current state-of-the-art.


Confirmed Speakers

Thursday, Dec. 1, 2005, 5.00 pm

Keynote Lecture: Jim Eberwine,
Molecular Biology of the Single Cell: Unique Insight into Cellular Functioning
Dept. of Pharmacology and Psychiatry University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

Friday, Dec. 2, 2005, 8.30 am

Edgar A. Arriaga, Heterogeneity in the mitochondria of single cells revealed by individual organelle capillary electrophoretic analysis. University of Minnesota

Gert von Bally, Digital holographic microscopy – a new technology for living single cell analysis. Laboratory for Biophysics, UKM Münster

Dave Barrett, Combined optical trapping and chemical analysis of single cells within a capillary. Centre for Analytical Bioscience, University of Nottingham

Jonas Bergquist, Analytical tools for the single cell. Chemistry Department, Uppsala University, Sweden

Joerg D. Hoheisel, Toward single-molecule detection on DNA-, RNA- and protein-level. DKFZ, Heidelberg

Ka Wan Li, Analysis of a simple neural circuit by single cell profiling. Research Institute of Neurosciences, Vrije University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marc Kipping, New horizons by the use of parallel qualitative and quantitative proteomics without isotopic labeling., Waters GmbH

Christoph Klein, Combined genome and transcriptome analysis of single disseminated tumor cells. Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Jorn Koch, Single cell and single molecule analysis in cell and tissue preparations. Aarhus University, Denmark

Ulrich Kubitscheck, Intracellular dynamics of single molecules. Physical Chemistry, University of Bonn

Ralf Kueppers, Gene expression profiling of microdissected Hodgkin and Reed/Sternberg cells of Hodgkin's lymphoma. Institute for Cell Biology (Tumor Research), University of Duisburg-Essen

Claus Seidel, Multiparameter fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging with single-molecule sensitivity. Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf

Wolfgang Albrecht, High speed MALDI-TOF imaging: The future of biomarker discovery and proteomics?, Bruker Daltonics, Bremen

Andreas Bosio, Gene expression profiling of single and few cells sorted by MACS, FACS and microdissection. Miltenyi Biotec

Yilman Niyaz, Laser-based isolation of single living cells – new approaches in cell and molecular biology. PALM Microlaser Technlogies


  • Single cell preparation, isolation and manipulation
  • Genomics
    • Gene Expression Profiling
    • Single Cell Technologies
  • Proteomics
    • Capillary electrophoresis of a single cell proteome
    • Single neuron proteomics
    • Mass spectrometric cell and tissue imaging
  • Technologies
    • Imaging
    • Atomic force microscopy
    • Interference microscopy
    • Optical single molecule detection

Organisation - IFG

Dr. K. Sieberns, Genomics, PD Dr. S. Koenig, Proteomics, Dr. M. Eisenacher, Bioinformatics

Registration on-site 100 €


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