Keynote speaker

Matthias Mann
Max Planck Institute of BiochemistryMoving mass spectrometry based proteomics to the clinic

Confirmed speakers

Lennart Martens
Department of Biochemistry, Ghent UniversityNovel algorithms for proteomics data: seeing more of what our mass specs have already seen
Oliver Schilling
Institute of Molecular Medicine and Cell Research, University of FreiburgUsing Proteomics to Investigate Proteases and Proteolytic Processes
Michael Mormann
Institute of Hygiene, University of MünsterDeciphering Cleavage Sites of Chitosan Hydrolases by Quantitative Mass-Spectrometric Sequencing of Chito-Oligosaccharides
Peter Verhaert
Department of Biotechnology, TU DelftHuman secretome analysis with biomedical relevance. Ex vivo and in vivo examples.
Sebastien Carpentier
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, University LeuvenQuantification and identification of allele specific proteins: integration of transcriptomics and proteomics
Katrin Marcus
Medical Proteom-Center, Ruhr-Universität BochumLaser microdissection and mass spectrometry – a successful couple in clinical proteomics
Erdmann Rapp
Max Planck Institute for dynamics of complex technical systems MagdeburgHigh-Performance Glycoanalysis Based On xCGE-LIF
Jenny Renaut
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)Proteomics investigation of cell walls in growing plants