Junior Research Group Dr. Daniel Kluger

The “Body, Brain, and Behaviour” research group investigates the interplay of neural and bodily rhythms in health and disease. Specifically, we are interested in understanding how physiological signals like respiration, heartbeat, and pupil dilation modulate brain activity.

These modulations have critical implications for our understanding of perception and cognition as well as for body-brain interactions in neurological and psychiatric disorders. Using high-resolution M/EEG and fMRI combined with comprehensive peripheral recordings, we study respiration-locked fluctuations in perception against the theoretical backdrop of predictive processing. Moreover, the translational line of our research is focussed on neuropsychiatric disorders with known alterations of brain oscillations and/or respiratory patterns, such as epilepsy and panic disorder.

Altogether, we aim to elucidate the fundamental underpinnings of human body-brain coupling and identify potential peripheral biosignatures of neuro- and psychopathology.

For further details please have a look here.

If you are curious what we do and how we (aim to) work as a group, or consider applying for a position, please have a look at our lab handbook.

Praktika/Abschlussarbeiten - Internships / Thesis

Bei Interesse an Forschungspraktika oder Abschlussarbeiten in unserer Gruppe wenden Sie sich bitte an daniel.kluger(at)uni-muenster.de .

In case you are interested in research internships or writing your thesis in our group, please contact
daniel.kluger(at)uni-muenster.de .