since 2024: German Research Foundation DFG, Priority Programme SPP 2225 "Exit strategies of intracellular pathogens" (together with U. Dobrindt)

since 2020: Interdisciplinary Center for  Clinical Research IZKF Münster, Re2/022/20 - Dynamics of late endosomal Host-Pathogen Interface in Influenza Infection

since 2018: German Research Foundation DFG, CRCB 1348 "Dynamic Cellular Interfaces", Project A11 "Regulation of plasma membrane supramolecular functional units by late endosomal sorting and transport" (1348/2 together with F. Glorius)

since 2012: German Research Foundation DFG, CRC 1109/3 "Breaking Barriers", Project A06 "Formyl peptide chemoattractant receptors in leukocyte activation and trans-endothelial migration"