BSc Biological Science

  • Evolution & Biodiversität der Tiere (Vorlesung involved)
  • Evolution & Biodiversität der Tiere (Praktikum involved)

MSc Biological Science / MEd Biology

  • Evolutionary Medicine (involved)
  • The Growth of the Evolutionary Thougth (involved)

MSc Forschungsmodul / Advanced Module

  • Jumping Genes in Evolution and Disease

Graduate Schools

  • Münster Graduate School of Evolution (PI)
  • EvoPAD (PI)

EvoPAD Summer School Ebernburg 2021

Münster Evolution Meeting 2023 (MGSE):  

Jumping Genes in Phylogeny and Genome Evolution

Intron Loss in Mammals and other Vertebrates

NewickTreeModifier and paPAML - Computational Tools to Simplify Selection Analysis of Protein-Coding Sequences

Basics in Evolution: Jürgen Schmitz - Genome Evolution: Transposable Elements 05.06.2023