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  • Curriculum vitae

    Date of birth: 9 July 1982
    Nationality: Iranian
    Tel: +49 251-83-55566


    2011-2013: Postgraduate internship, Department of Biological Psychology, Donders Institute of Brain, Cognition and Behaviour(DCC), Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands
    2009-2010: Research assistant, Buali Research Institute of Medical Science, Mashhad, Iran
    2004-2007: MSc in animal physiology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran
    2000-2004: BSc in general biology, Open University of Mashhad, Iran
  • Publications


    1. Zobeiri M, Chaudhary R, Datunashvili M, Heuermann RJ, Lüttjohann A, Narayanan V, Balfanz S, Meuth P, Chetkovich DM, Pape H-C, Baumann A, van Luijtelaar G, Budde T (2017)
      Modulation of thalamocortical oscillations by TRIP8b, a brain-specific auxiliary subunits for HCN channels. Brain Structure & Function,
      Available at: [Accessed November 27, 2017]
    2. van Luijtelaar G, Zobeiri M, Lüttjohann A & Depaulis A (2017) Experimental treatment options in absence epilepsy. Curr. Pharm. Des. 23:
      Availableat: [Accessed November 2, 2017]


    1. Leist M, Datunashvilli M, Kanyshkova T, Zobeiri M, Aissaoui A, Cerina M, Romanelli MN, Pape HC, Budde T (2016)
      Two types of interneurons in the mouse lateral geniculate nucleus are characterized by different h-current density. Sci Rep. 6:24904.


    1. Kanyshkova T, Ehling P, Cerina M, Meuth P, Zobeiri M, Meuth SG, Pape HC, Budde T (2014)
      Regionally specific expression of high-voltage-activated calcium channels in thalamic nuclei of epileptic and non-epileptic rats. Mol Cell Neurosci. 61:110-22.
    2. van Luijtelaar G, Zobeiri M (2014)
      Progress and outlooks in a genetic absence epilepsy model (WAG/Rij). Curr Med Chem. 21(6):704-21. Review.


    1. Zobeiri M, van Luijtelaar G (2013)
      Noninvasive transcranial direct current stimulation in a genetic absence model. Epilepsy Behav 26(1): 42-50.


    1. Tavalaee SH, Zobeiri M, Haghighat-Khazaee Z, Hasanzadeh-Khayat M, Nassirli H, and Malaekeh-Nikouei B, Ghayour-Mobarhan M (2012)
      Serum Vitamin E Concentration in Iranian Population with Angiography Defined Coronary Artery Disease. Asian Biomedicine 6(1): 2012; 19-25.


    1. Zobeiri M, Moghimi A, Attaran D, Fathi M, Ashari AA (2009)
      Self-Hypnosis in Attenuation of Asthma Symptoms Severity. Journal of Applied Sciences 9(1): 188-192.
  • Research Projects