Open call for pilot project applications

The CRU326 offers the opportunity to apply for start-up funding of up to 10.000 € for your own research project! 


PhD students, postdocs, and clinicians or clinician scientists are encouraged to send their project proposal - you don't have to be part of a current CRU project to apply for this. We especially encourage project applicants from other fields and foci to apply for a funding of a project dealing with reproduction-related topics. We aim to go beyond the current state, connect with fascinating people, and link a broad spectrum of visionary project ideas!


Your application should include:

(1) current state of research

(2) own preliminary data

(3) aims, hypothesis, and work schedule

(4) estimated costs for consumables


Please submit your proposal (max. 3 pages) and your CV (1 page) as one PDF file to: Whether your application will promoted depends on the quality and on the project's future perspective, respectively. The final decision will be made by the Management Board of the CRU326.


The application deadline is closed.