Coordination and management of the CRU326

Since 2017, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Gromoll from the Centre of Reproductive Medicine and Andrology (CeRA) has been the spokesperson of our CRU326. Together with the coordinator, he is responsible for the research unit's general organisation and management.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Frank Tüttelmann from the Institute of Reproductive Genetics (IRG), is the research coordinator of our DFG-Clinical Research Unit 'Male Germ Cells: from Genes to Function' (CRU326). As the header of the clinical research unit, he is responsible for the overall coordination.

Dr. Cristin Beumer is the project manager of this clinical research unit. She is responsible for organising and coordinating all CRU-related events, meetings, seminars, and workshops as well as processing corresponding financial issues, personnel matters, and administrative tasks.

Dr. Hannah Lorenz works as co-project manager and is responsible for the CRU’s everyday administation and operational management. Besides, she administers tasks related to CRU events as well as the network’s public relations activities.

Nadja Rotte coordinates the public relations of our CRU326, especially taking care of press releases and Twitter activities. Moritz Voges is responsible for the research group's website and its maintenance.

Management board

  • To meet the needs of the CRU326, we established a management board (MB), which consists of the spokesperson, the research coordinator, three additional PIs, a bioinformatician, the clinical representative, and the equal opportunities representative. The MB will supervise the project's progress, manage access to data and materials, organise workshops, retreats, and symposia, will be responsible for career development, and support equal opportunities and gender equality.
  • To follow the CRU326's development we will establish an external advisory board of 3-4 experts on germ cells, genetics, infertility, and reproduction. This expertise should not be limited to the male side, but pave the way towards 'Reproduction.MS' and continue beyond the clinical research unit.